Monday, March 7, 2011


In my last year of high school, I have encountered many problems. A lot of them have come from school, many came from family, but the school isn't really the problem. School is a problem when that's all you do. In my case it is family not supporting me in almost every decision I made or wanted to make. In life you learn how to live by making mistakes and learning from them. A lot times you already have some tools, opinions, and morals you are going to do and live by. So I keep trying to put them into play, but there is always something stopping me.

There are ways I have cooped with these problems to calm down and think about everything that just happened. Talking about it with people that weren't in the conflict and I feel comfortable talking to can help. Music is so helpful, I can select a genre and let it play. I also dance in my room to the music is I really feel like it. This is an example of music I like and the style of dancing I like also:

I love to dance and everything that I have mentioned is so brief I could go on for days talking about how I have solved problems, prevented problems, and not had problems do to me learning from my earlier mistakes. So if you are struggling and you need help try some of these things they might help.

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