Monday, May 16, 2011


Ok so you may be wondering what was my senior project, well I was thinking the same thing before everything I thought about wasn't working. You see I planned on doing my senior project alone, but I was pressured and i honestly didn't want to say no. So First Becca joined and then Cheyanne then joined, then Ceci. We all did a great job on it. It came to our day (evening) to present and we did. I choreographed two dances. The first dance I choreographed was for 7 dancers, but 5 dancers didn't show up. At this point and time iI was stressing out bad. I mean upset stomach, close to getting a headache, and I felt terribly tired. The second dance I choreographed for one person and she was there and preformed it very well. We all presented and completed everything, nothing bad happened and everyone was happy it was finally over. I can say now. I am so glad that it is over too. It gave me some relaxing time, but I still had much more still to do.

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